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Buyer’s Essential Guide: The 5 Best Materials for Phone Cases

How necessary phones in today’s world become, unfortunately nonetheless how sturdy and waterproof the brands are making the devices to keep them safe, mishaps will always remain a possibility and none of us would want our devices to acquaint with an accident. To keep our devices safe we must ensure them with nothing but the best material to protect our phones with. Here are 5 of the best phone case materials that can help you keep your phone as good as new.


Thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate are the two primary plastic materials utilized in smartphone covers. TPU is softer and more flexible than PC, but still not as smooth as silicone and rubber. PC is more stiff and hard.

Both of these plastics are excellent at holding their form, which makes them a tough choice for folks who abuse their phone covers. They won’t add much bulk to the phone because they are likewise quite light and thin. The slippery surface, however, makes it difficult for users to grasp, and if your phone does fall, the poorly manufactured plastic covers might shatter on contact. A 10-foot drop warranty is offered on all high-quality iPhone covers from Case-Mate, so keep an eye out for those which surely will keep your phone protected with you forever.


The second most popular material for a phone case is undoubtedly silicone. It is affordable, available in a variety of colors, and has a superb grip. A pure silicone case, however, can stretch out with time and need to be replaced more frequently. The slippery surface makes it difficult to slide the phone in and out of your pocket and will draw dirt, lint, fluff, and other particles that are challenging to remove.

In order to combine some of the advantages of hard plastic with silicone, it is occasionally possible to obtain cases that have a hard plastic shell with a silicone overlay or that are mostly made of hard plastic but include raised silicone grips.

Since silicone is softer and more flexible than many polymers, it creates a great shock absorber and solid grip. Silicone phone cover materials are flexible and provide your devices with a strikingly unique appearance. They are also simple to install and remove from phones. In addition to being inexpensive, soft, and protective, silicone is a sustainable material. It’s not just a conscientious decision, but also a safer one because it breaks down without releasing any dangerous chemicals. Now you can get your silicone cover on www.karwan.in


Particularly among smartphone users who value protection and durability, rubber phone covers have grown in popularity. For people who regularly drop their phones, these cases are a great option because of their well-known shock-absorbing capabilities and impact resistance. Hard casings are frequently supplemented with rubber to add additional grip and shock absorption. For instance, the Pelican Protector series of cases combines a robust, impact-resistant hard plastic outer shell with a shock-absorbing rubber inner to give you the best of both worlds. Look for a case that includes rubber as well if you want more protection than hard plastic can provide.

Rubber phone covers also provide a lot of customization choices, including, but not limited to, a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to suit different tastes. Rubber’s elasticity makes it simple to install and remove the casing and also provides a secure grip. In conclusion, rubber phone cases continue to be a top option for individuals who value dependable and affordable protection for their devices.


If you want a classy cover to carry to the workplace, leather phone cases can be to your liking. However, they are more costly and less resilient than the other alternatives on our list. In order to give these phone covers the structure, a hard plastic shell is typically molded around a leather-like or synthetic leather material.

Although it may deteriorate over time and as the leather shines, the leather provides a good grip. Like your leather shoes or handbags, the leather will eventually become damaged and scratched from normal wear and tear. Like other leather goods, real leather cases sometimes need to be maintained.

While leather and synthetic leather phone cover may cost more and be less sturdy than other alternatives available, they are the best if you want a sleek and classy case. A layer of leather or synthetic leather is molded around a hard plastic shell to offer structure and protection in leather phone case materials. The materials of the leather case provide a strong grip, but like any other leather item, they gradually disintegrate from regular use. Genuine leather phone cases, like other leather items, may need routine upkeep to maintain the material in excellent shape.


Phone covers made of wood protect your priceless gadget while adding a unique beauty. Oakwood and bamboo wood are the most popular alternatives for wood case material types due to qualities like scratch resistance, lightweight construction, and many more. This is the best option for you if toughness and lifespan are more important to you than anything else! Despite the fact that some woods may not withstand every accidental drop, they are nevertheless more robust than plastic.

Unfortunately, while wood may have a nice appearance, it is not a suitable material for iPhone cases. Wood is prone to splitting, nicking, and cracking, and if it isn’t properly sealed, it may also experience water damage. These cases also tend to be thicker since there are typically two layers instead of one because the wood is typically inlaid into a hard plastic casing. If you really adore the appearance of wood, we suggest looking for a hard plastic case that has a wood design printed on it so you can enjoy the appearance without the drawbacks. In relationships, We also want to find a person and enjoy their appearance without flaws. More about how to find lifelong partner you can find out on the mental health website

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