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Back in 2018, this one question boggled our collective minds, “Can a budget phone stand out in a mirror selfie?” Since then, we have been on an expedition to put unique, premium, and high-quality cases in the hands of young men and women across the country. This goal is the fuel for our minds at Karwan, to inject our founding question into the minds of the people who see our customer’s phones and answer the question with a resounding, yes.

Catering to a large demographic of people, our company keeps up with the varying trends of the generation. Karwan started under the name K Styles India Pvt Ltd, slowly growing with the love of our customers and a horde of orders from across a variety of e-commerce platforms on which we have listed our products.

About Us

Our patrons have been growing in numbers following us in our vision. Along with a detailed and rich print, the covers provide long-lasting durability, and scratch and shockproof qualities for both high and low-end mobile brands. The cases provide a soft grip with multi-layer OITX coating giving our cases a Satin smooth touch and feel. Even while providing the perfect blend of design, durability, and accessibility we strive to keep our cases under your budget needs.

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